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Evaluation of reef fish status according to domain criteria of fish resources (EAFM) in Labuan Berop

Sabtu, 04 Nov 2017, 10:48:31 WIB - 612 View

Abstract The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) advocates a holistic approach to resources management that recognizes maintenance of ecosystem functions and services as a primary objective for fisheries management. There are 6 domains and several indicators to implement EAFM, such as habitat and ecology, fish resources, …

Distribution analysis on cyst abundance of HAB causing dinoflagellates at green mussel (Perna viridi

Sabtu, 04 Nov 2017, 10:46:27 WIB - 517 View

Abstract Research on the distribution analysis on the cyst abundance of HAB causing Dinoflagellates at green mussel (Perna viridis) culture area in Kamal Muara, North Jakarta, has been conducted in October 2014 at 9 sampling stations. The objectives of the research were to determine the presence and abundance, mapping the spatial …

Accumulation of Marine litter on Selayar Island Coast, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sabtu, 04 Nov 2017, 10:44:22 WIB - 584 View

Abstract West coast of Selayar facing solid marine litter during west monsoon period December until March, marine litter come from floating litter, carried by sea surface current and deposited along the west coast. Marine litter deposited on the west coast affected social, economic and ecological. This study aims to determine type, …

Ecological connectivity between tropical spiny lobster and habitat typology in Gulf of Prigi, Dist

Sabtu, 04 Nov 2017, 10:39:53 WIB - 567 View

Abstract Lobster is one of the main fishery commodities in Gulf of Prigi and Damas, distric of Trenggalek. The potential is not independent from the typology of coastal ecosystems that support them. This study aims to determine the ecological linkages between the resources of the typology lobster habitat. The study was conducted …

Comparison of hatching success in green turtle (Chelonia mydas) nest that hatched naturally, relocat

Jumat, 03 Nov 2017, 15:40:57 WIB - 553 View

Abstract Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas), is a marine reptile that the existence is endangered due to a various factors such as hunting and illegal turtle egg collection, marine environment pollution, and habitat damage caused by the human. The aim of this research was determine the success hatching rate of green turtle nest that …

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