Numerical model of oil spill at Balohan Port, Sabang

Sabtu, 04 Nov 2017, 10:58:57 WIB - 897 View
Numerical model of oil spill at Balohan Port, Sabang


The research used numerical mathematics to predict the accumulative amount of oil spilled for the next 10 years. The purpose of the study is to understand how the oil will spread at the port of Balohan, Sabang in order to be able to anticipate the environmental impact from oil pollution. To understand this case, the two dimensional numerical model was used. The result informed that concentration of oil spill accumulation prediction for the next ten years diffusively concentrate at the area of the dock (parking ship). The result also notified that advection effects of the current was not significantly arose because of residual current is too small to occur.

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