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11 Embrio: Biodiversity on Coral Reefs in Australia and Indonesia: Why does it matter? 47 Kali Download
12 Embrio: Safe & sustainable development of the ocean frontier 44 Kali Download
13 Embrio: Governing Marine Ecosystem Services (GMES) as a Platform for Achieving SDG-14 in Indonesia 60 Kali Download
14 Embrio: Protecting Biodiversity of the Coral Triangle: Challenges for Translating Science to Policy 47 Kali Download
15 Embrio: Frontier Research on Marine Biodiversity: The Importance of Natural History Research 64 Kali Download
16 Proceeding - Integrated Coastal Management and Marine Biotechnology- Full-Paper 228 Kali Download
17 Ecological connectivity between tropical spiny lobster and habitat typology in Gulf of Prigi, Dist 52 Kali Download
18 Suitability assessment for fish santuary development through socialecologycal approach: A case study 41 Kali Download
19 Ecotourism management in Pringkuku District, Pacitan Regency, East Java Province 78 Kali Download
20 Stakeholders analysis on the development of resilient coastal village program in Timbulsloko Village 33 Kali Download
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