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1 Embrio: Tropical Marine Science Institute/ St. John’s Island National Marine Lab 22 Kali Download
2 Embrio: Biodiversity on Coral Reefs in Australia and Indonesia: Why does it matter? 38 Kali Download
3 Embrio: Safe & sustainable development of the ocean frontier 34 Kali Download
4 Embrio: Governing Marine Ecosystem Services (GMES) as a Platform for Achieving SDG-14 in Indonesia 47 Kali Download
5 Embrio: Protecting Biodiversity of the Coral Triangle: Challenges for Translating Science to Policy 38 Kali Download
6 Embrio: Frontier Research on Marine Biodiversity: The Importance of Natural History Research 58 Kali Download
7 Proceeding - Integrated Coastal Management and Marine Biotechnology- Full-Paper 159 Kali Download
8 Ecological connectivity between tropical spiny lobster and habitat typology in Gulf of Prigi, Dist 31 Kali Download
9 Suitability assessment for fish santuary development through socialecologycal approach: A case study 27 Kali Download
10 Ecotourism management in Pringkuku District, Pacitan Regency, East Java Province 17 Kali Download
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