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New distribution record of the soldier crab, Dotilla myctiroides (Milne-Edwards) from Lubuk Damar Co

Kamis, 22 Okt 2020, 10:15:20 WIB - 0 View

AACL Bioflux. Vol 12. Vol. 1 Page 289-297. Dotilla myctiroides was collected in the sandy beach area of Lubuk Damar, Aceh Tamiang, Aceh Province - Indonesia. Along the coast was covered by mangrove vegetation, such as Aegiceras floridum, Excoecaria agallocha, Bruguiera sexangula, Xylocarpus granatum, Rhizophora apiculata. This paper …

The social-ecological status of small island : an evaluation of islan tourism destination management

Kamis, 22 Okt 2020, 10:13:44 WIB - 0 View

ELSEVIER. Vol. 31. Page 136-144. A social-ecological system approach has been applied to measure the complexity of sustainable tourism development on small islands. In general, tourism development and ecosystem management have been shown to be relatively unbalanced. Tourism development attempts have not yet been accompanied by …

Structure and composition of riverine and fringe mangrove at Muara Kubu protected areas, West Kalima

Kamis, 22 Okt 2020, 10:11:13 WIB - 0 View

AACL Bioflux. Vol. 12 No. 1 Page 378-393. This paper describes the characteristics of riverine and fringe mangrove types at Muara Kubu Protected Areas, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The characteristics of mangrove structure and composition were investigated to be used as a baseline for mangrove conservation management. Mangrove …

The eutrophication states of the Indonesian sea large marine ecosystem: Jakarta Bay, 2001-2003

Kamis, 22 Okt 2020, 10:09:24 WIB - 0 View

ELSEVIER Vol 163. Page 72-86. Eutrophication states of the tropical embayment of Jakarta Bay, Indonesia were studied over the period of 2001–2013. There was a clear gradient of dissolved inorganic nutrient concentration, showing very high values in the river mouths and a steep decrease down the Bay. This is followed by a steep …

Biological aspect of genus Thalamita Latreille, 1829 (Decapoda: Portunidae) in Lansongko Bay, Southe

Kamis, 22 Okt 2020, 10:07:00 WIB - 0 View

AACL Bioflux. Vol 12. No.4. Page 1335-1348. The biological aspects of the genus Thalamita in Indonesia’s waters have been rarely studied. This recent research aimed to study the diversity, size, carapace width-weight relationship, sex ratio, and spawning season of the genus Thalamita in Lasongko Bay, Southeast Sulawesi, …

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