The social-ecological status of small island : an evaluation of islan tourism destination management

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ELSEVIER. Vol. 31. Page 136-144.

A social-ecological system approach has been applied to measure the complexity of sustainable tourism development on small islands. In general, tourism development and ecosystem management have been shown to be relatively unbalanced. Tourism development attempts have not yet been accompanied by environmental management efforts. In this paper, the social-ecological status is measured to improve the sustainable development mechanism with appropriate indicators.

Using the Gili Matra Islands as a case study, the social-ecological status of tourism in the region was examined using the social-ecological status index (SESI), a coupling index of the coastal waters quality index (CWQI), the coordination degree model (CCDM) and the index of information entropy weight (IEW) as tools for measuring and evaluating the social-ecological status and sustainable development of small island tourism.

Resource Person: Ferry Kurniawan, and Luky Adrianto

Link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S2211973619300534

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