International Symposium

Selasa, 18 Apr 2017, 11:57:46 WIB - 665 View
International Symposium


Goal of the symposium is to share among the Asian’s LME managers in managing and implementing ecosystem based management on each LME in Asia region. Specific constrains and problems as well as potential development and approaches will be shared and discussed in this symposium and as lesson learned.


The Asian LMEs Symposium will be focused on results from ecosystem based assessment and management activities relating to: productivity, fish and fisheries, pollution and ecosystem health, and governance of the 12 LMEs in Asia: Bay of Bengal, Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea, Sulu-Celebes Sea, Indonesian Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea, Kuroshio Current, Sea of Japan/East Sea, Oyashio Current, Sea of Okhotsk and West Bering Sea.

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