Environmental Monitoring of the estuaries of Ujung Pangkah East Java

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Environmental Monitoring of the estuaries of Ujung Pangkah East Java

Center for coastal and marine resources studies – IPB University has been conducting a cooperation with PT. Saka Energy, a national oil and gas company operated in the estuary of Ujung Pangkah East Java. The program has been started in 2012 and keep on continue until 2025 under a long term contract agreement between CCMRS IPB and PT. Saka Energy. The aim of the program is in principle to conduct an environmental monitoring which can be further used as input for environmental management of the company as well as the local government of East Java Province.

The environmental monitoring is conducted on regular basis, every 6 months that consists of monitoring of sea water and wastewater quality (effluent), aquatic biota (plankton, benthos and nekton), heavy metals on sediments, coastal bird migration, socio-economic and cultural and public health in the monitoring area.

The monitoring area of Ujung Pangkah Estuary in East Java Province

The programs

The program of monitoring consists of :

• Sea Water Quality Monitoring

Ambient sea water quality in the estuary of Ujung Pangkah, consisted of a fix-monitoring stations : The river mouths stations (5 stations) and Jetty area of PT Saka shore base activities (3 stations). The monitoring is regularly conducted every 6 months and the results are compared to the national standard of water quality as stipulated in the Ministerial Decree of Environment No 51 year of 2004. The aims of the sea water quality monitoring is to evaluate the dynamics of water quality of the estuary ecosystem around the working area of PT. Saka Energy.

• Aquatic biota that consists of plankton, benthos and nekton (fish).

The monitoring is conducted by taking samples of plankton and benthos in the same stations of water quality. The aim of the monitoring is evaluate the quality of plankton and benthis ecosystem in the monitoring area.

• Heavy metals content in the fish tissue

Samples of fish tissue are taken on each of the stations and time of monitoring aimed to analyze the level of heavy metals contamination in the monitoring area. The area is an industrial area, which requires to be always monitored to ensure the fish quality since the local people consume the fish from the area.

The results of monitoring is regularly reported to the Environmental Ministry and East Java Office of Environment in Surabaya. The monitoring report is used by the company and the provincial government as early warning system related to the ecosystem health and quality in the industrial area of Ujung Pangkah estuary.

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