Biological aspect of genus Thalamita Latreille, 1829 (Decapoda: Portunidae) in Lansongko Bay, Southe

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AACL Bioflux. Vol 12. No.4. Page 1335-1348.

The biological aspects of the genus Thalamita in Indonesia’s waters have been rarely studied. This recent research aimed to study the diversity, size, carapace width-weight relationship, sex ratio, and spawning season of the genus Thalamita in Lasongko Bay, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Data collection was carried out each month starting from May 2013 to March 2014. The species samples of the genus were collected using gillnets. This research was successfully identified several species of the genus Thalamita in Lasongko Bay including T. crenata, T. sima, T. spinimana, and T. prymna with one exception of an unidentified Thalamita sp. The research also found that the carapace sizes of T. crenata, T. sima, and T. spinimana males were considerably bigger than that of the females.

The relationship between carapace width-body weight and carapace length-body weight of the three Thalamita species were strongly and positively correlated and indicated a negative allometric growth type. One exception was the ratio of carapace width-body weight of T. spinimana which indicated an isometric growth. T. Crenata and T. spinimana had unbalanced sex ratio whilst T. sima had a balanced sex ratio. The research had determined that the spawning season of T. crenata, T. sima, and T. spinimana occurred irregularly within a year period. This research has provided the first baseline information regarding the biological aspects of the genus Thalamita in Indonesia’s waters.

Resource Person: Yusli Wardiatno

Link: http://www.bioflux.com.ro/docs/2019.1335-1348.pdf

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