Accumulation of Marine litter on Selayar Island Coast, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Accumulation of Marine litter on Selayar Island Coast, South Sulawesi, Indonesia


West coast of Selayar facing solid marine litter during west monsoon period December until March, marine litter come from floating litter, carried by sea surface current and deposited along the west coast. Marine litter deposited on the west coast affected social, economic and ecological. This study aims to determine type, weight, density and distribution of marine litter; the impact of litter on water quality; the impact of economic, social and environmental ecosystems. Retrieved data using line transect at 7 observation points. Litter size were observed (> 2.5 cm) or macro litter. Floating litter and daily incresing of litters were also analyzed. Based on the calculation of the average density of organic waste by weight was 4 978.3 ± 3 342.5 g/m2 and number of pieces was 7.7 ± 1.8 items/m2. Inorganic waste density is 14.3 ± 2.97 items/m2 for the number of pieces and 564.8 ± 196.1 g/m2 for waste weight. Daily accumulation was about 1 445 ± 1 743 g/m/day, the number of pieces 14.3 ± 8 item/m/day, cubication 0.0187 ± 0.019 m3/m/day. The impacts on seagrass and biota such as broken leaves, crushed and organism rafting on floating litter some types of coral such as Favia fragum, types of crustaceans such as Balanus. sp, Lepas. sp, Dosima. sp which affect the bio-diversity. Based on economic calculations for loss of fishing vessel was about Rp115 481 693 and loss of fishing gear Rp126 200 000 each season.

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